VarioCage Single Extra Small (SXS)

A safe and very practical transport cage or dog crate, which also leaves room for other luggage when keeping your pet safe. Easy adjustabe to fit the depth of your luggage space. Choose the single cage if you need some part of the luggage compartment to other things.

For the traffic-awareness dog owner who wants the safest dog cage/crate for vehicle transport, we offer VarioCage. Crash tested at independent RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden in Borås with the test method SPCT, Safe Pet Crate Test. In an accident VarioCage is compressed in a controlled way along the vehicles crumple zone, protecting both pet and passengers from an increased risk of injury. The cage/crate is equiped with an evacuation hatch if the doors are blocked in an accident. This model is 590 mm in height, which gives an inner height of 570 mm, suitable for dogs with a withers of 54 cm. The cage/crate is adjustable in depth.
Wear exposed parts such as doors and floor are treated against corrosion. The door is equipped with safety locks and gas hydraulic motion springs for better controll of the door. The door handles can also be used as storage pockets. VarioCage is designed and produced in Sweden by MIM Construction AB.

Article no. 00376
Product type Variocage
Depth730 - 990 mm
Width555 mm
Height590 mm
Weight16 kg
Package meassures and weight 670 x 600 x 230 mm / 22 kg