1. Selected product

VarioCage Double Large + (DL+)

NEW Cage 2018! Double Cage in size between Large and Extra Large. Fits as largest Cage in Volvo V90, Skoda Karoq, Volkswagen Passat year 2015 and present, Ford Mondeo year 2014 and present for exampel. Two dogs can travel separated without reaching eachother. If one of the dogs needs more space, the divider can be adjusted side ways. The divider can be demounted if a larger single dog needs more space. Choose a double cage for a large dog or two smaller.

  • Article no.: 00362
  • Depth: 810 - 1030 mm
  • Width: 990 mm
  • Height: 690 mm

2. Selected product can be used in the following cars

Car model
Audi A6 Allroad 1998-2005 (C5)
Audi A6 Avant / Allroad 1997-2004 (C5 (Not Allroad))
Audi A6 Avant / Allroad 2005-2011 (C6 (Including Allroad))
Audi A6 Avant / Allroad 2012-2018 (C7 (Including Allroad))
Fits at minimum depth.
Audi Q5 2009-2016 (8R)
Audi Q5 2017-> (80A)
Fits at minimum depth.
Audi Q7 2005-2015 (4L)
Third row of chairs demounted.
Audi Q7 2016-> (4M)
BMW 2-Series Active Tourer 2014-> (F45)
BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer 2015-> (F46)
BMW 5-Serie Touring 2004-2011 (E61)
BMW X3 2011-2017 (F25)
Check the anchor points. They can usually be found in rails in the luggage area floor.
BMW X3 2018-> (G01)
The Cage fits only in minimum depth 810mm/ 31,89 inch.
BMW X5 1999-2006 (E53)
BMW X5 2007-2013 (E70)
BMW X5 2013-2018 (F15)
Cadillac BLS Wagon 2005-2009
Cadillac Escalade 1999-2000 (GMT 400)
Cadillac Escalade 2002-2006 (GMT 800)
Cadillac Escalade 2006-2014 (GMT 900)
Cadillac Escalade 2015-> (GMT K2XL)
Cadillac Escalade ESV 2003-2006 (GMT 800)
Cadillac Escalade ESV 2007-2014 (GMT 900)
Cadillac Escalade ESV 2015-> (GMT K2XL)
Cadillac SRX Elegance 2007-2016
Cadillac XT5 2017-> (XT5)
Chevrolet Astro 1995-2003
Chevrolet Captiva 2011-2016 (Series II )
Chevrolet Orlando 2011->
Chevrolet Trailblazer 2002-2009 (First generation)
Chevrolet Trans Sport 2001->
Chevrolet Uplander 2005-2009
Chrysler Grand Voyager 1996-2000 (III)
Chrysler Grand Voyager 2001-2004 (IV)
Chrysler Grand Voyager 2005-2007 (IV)
Chrysler Grand Voyager 2008-> (V)
Chrysler Voyager 1996-2000 (III)
Chrysler Voyager 2001-2007 (IV)
Chrysler Voyager 2005-2007 (IV)
Citroen Berlingo 5 doors 1997-2013 (I)
Citroen Berlingo 5 doors 2009-2018 (II)
Depth of crate can be extended to 920mm/36,22inch
Citroen C4 Picasso 7-sits 2006-2013 (Gen I)
Citroen C4 Picasso 7-sits 2013-> (Gen II)
Citroen C5 Tourer 2000-2008 (DC/DE)
Citroen C8 2002-2014
Citroen Xsara Picasso 2005-2010
Dacia Lodgy 2012->
Dacia Logan 2004-2012 (I)
Dacia Logan 2012-> (II)
Dodge Durango 2011-> (Third generation)
Dodge Nitro 2007-2012
Fiat Doblo 2000-2017 (I)
Ford Edge 2016->
Ford Escape 2013-> (Mk 3)
Depth of crate can be extended to 92cm/ 36,22 inch
Ford Escort Kombi 1990-2000
Ford Explorer 1995-2001
Ford Explorer 2006-2010
Fits with third row down
Ford Focus Kombi 1999-2005 (Mk 1)
Ford Focus Kombi 2004-2011 (Mk 2)
Depth of crate can be extended to 910mm/ 35,82inch
Ford Focus Kombi 2011-2018 (Mk 3)
Depth of crate can be extended to 960mm / 37,79inch
Ford Focus Kombi 2018-> (Mk 4)
Ford Galaxy 1995-1999 (I)
Ford Galaxy 2000-2006 (II)
Ford Galaxy 2006-2014 (III)
Third row backseat folded down
Ford Galaxy 2015- (IIII)
Ford Grand C-Max 2011->
Ford Kuga 2013-> (II)
Ford Maverick 2002->
Ford Mondeo Kombi 1993-1996 (Mk 1)
Ford Mondeo Kombi 1996-2000 (Mk 2)
Ford Mondeo Kombi 2000-2007 (Mk 3)
Ford Mondeo Kombi 2007-2014 (Mk 4)
Ford Mondeo Kombi 2014-> (Mk 5)
Depth of crate can be extended to 960mm/37,80inch
Ford S-max 2006-2015 (Mk 1)
Ford S-max 2015-> (Mk 2)
Ford Scorpio Turnier / Kombi 1994-1998
Ford Tourneo Connect 2002-2013
Ford Tourneo Courier 2014->
Ford Transit Buss 2000-2006
Ford Transit Buss 2006-2013
Ford Transit Buss 2013->
Ford Transit Connect 2002-2013
Ford Windstar 1994-1998
Ford Windstar 1998-2003
GMC Acadia 2007-2016
Honda Accord Wagon 2002-2008 (Seventh Gen. Series LA-CL7 och)
Full depth can be used
Honda Civic Tourer 2014-> (Ninth generation FB)
Depth of crate can be extended to 920mm / 36,22inch
Honda CR-V 1997-2001 (First generation RD1-RD3)
20mm insolutaion board under the cage
Honda CR-V 2002-2006 (Second generation RD4-RD9)
20mm insolutaion board under the cage
Honda CR-V 2007-2011 (Third generation RE1-RE5, RE7)
20mm insolutaion board under the cage
Honda CR-V 2012-2016 (Fourth generation RM1, RM3, RM)
20mm insolutaion board under the cage
Honda Honda Pilot 2015 < (Third Generation)
Depth can be extended to about 950mm / 37,40inch
Hyundai Grand Santa Fe 2014->
Hyundai i30 Wagon 2007-2012 (FD)
Hyundai i30 Wagon 2012-2017 (GD)
Depth of crate can be extended to 880mm/34,64inch
Hyundai i40 Wagon 2012->
Depth of crate can be extended to 890mm/35inch
Hyundai IX55 2007-2012
Hyundai Santa Fe 2001-2006 (SM)
Hyundai Santa Fe 2006-2012 (CM)
For the cage to fit you need to remove third row seat. Depth of crate can be extended to 970mm/38,19inch
Hyundai Santa Fe 2013-2018 (DM, NC)
Depth of crate can be extended to 850mm/33,46inch
Hyundai Starex 1998-2007 (I)
Hyundai Starex 2007-> (II)
Hyundai Terracan 2001-2007
Hyundai Trajet 2000-2008
Hyundai Tucson 2016->
Isuzu Trooper 5d 1991-2005
Jeep Cherokee/Liberty 2014-> (KL)
Jeep Commander 2006-2010 (XK)
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005-2010 (WK)
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011-> (WK2)
Depth of of crate can be extended to 980mm / 38,58 inch
Jeep Patriot 2007-2017 (MK74)
Kia Carens 2013-> (RP)
Kia Carens 7-seater 2006-2013 (UN)
Kia Carnival 1999-2006 (KV- II)
Kia Carnival 2006-2014 (VQ)
Kia Carnival 2015-> (YP)
Kia Ceed SW 2006-2012 (ED)
Kia Ceed SW 2012-2018 (JD)
Kia Sorento 2002-2009 (BL)
Kia Sorento 2010-2014 (XM)
Kia Sorento 2015-> (UM)
Kia Sportage 2015-> (IIII QL)
Land Rover/Range Rover Discovery 1989-1998 (Series I)
Land Rover/Range Rover Discovery 1998-2004 (Series II L318)
Land Rover/Range Rover Discovery 2004-2009 (3 (L319))
Land Rover/Range Rover Discovery 2009-2016 (4 (L319))
Land Rover/Range Rover Discovery 2017-> (Fifth generation (L462))
Land Rover/Range Rover Discovery Sport 2014- (L550)
Land Rover/Range Rover Freelander 2006-2014 (2 (L359))
Land Rover/Range Rover Range Rover 2002-2012 (Third generation L322)
Land Rover/Range Rover Range Rover 2013-> (Fourth generation L405)
Land Rover/Range Rover Range Rover Sport 2004-2013 (First generation L320)
Land Rover/Range Rover Range Rover Sport 2014-> (Second generation L494)
Lexus RX 1997-2003 (First generation XU10)
Lexus RX 2004-2009 (Second generation XU30)
Lexus RX 2010-2015 (Third generation AL10)
Lexus RX 2016-> (Fourth generation AL20)
Mazda 5 1999-2004 (First generation)
Mazda 5 2005-2010 (Second generation)
Mazda 6 Kombi 2002-2008 (I GG1)
Mazda 6 Kombi 2007-2012 (II GH1)
Depth of crate can be extended to 940mm /37inch
Mazda 626 kombi 1998-2002 (GW)
Mazda CX-5 2013-2017 (First generation KE)
Mercedes E-Class 1985-1996 (S124)
Mercedes E-Class 2004-2009 (S211)
Mercedes E-Class 2010-2016 (S212)
Mercedes E-Class 2017-> (S213)
Can be extended to 101cm. DONT have the roofscrews on when it is put in or when you take the cage out. It can damage the seiling. Install them when cage is in place from the backseat.
Mercedes GL 2012-2015 (X166)
Mercedes GLE 2015-> (W166 Wagon)
Mercedes GLS 2013-> (X166)
Mercedes M-Klass 1998-2005 (W163)
Mercedes M-Klass 2006-2011 (W164)
Mercedes M-Klass 2011-2015 (W166)
Mercedes R-Klasse 2005-2017 (W251)
Mitsubishi Grandis 2004-2012
Mitsubishi Lancer Kombi 1993-1995 (V)
Mitsubishi Outlander 2013-> (III)
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2014->
Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon 2001-2006
Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon 2006 och pågående (Generation IV)
Nissan Terrano II 1994-2006 (R20)
Nissan X-Trail 2007-2014 (T31)
Opel Astra Caravan / Wagon / Sports Tourer 1992-1998 (F)
Opel Astra Caravan / Wagon / Sports Tourer 1998-2004 (G)
Opel Astra Caravan / Wagon / Sports Tourer 2005-2009 (H)
Opel Astra Caravan / Wagon / Sports Tourer 2009-2015 (J)
Opel Astra Caravan / Wagon / Sports Tourer 2016-> (K)
Opel Combo 2001-2011 (C)
Opel Meriva 2003-2010 (A)
Opel Meriva 2010-2017 (B)
Opel Omega Caravan 1986-1993 (A)
Opel Omega Caravan 1994-1999 (B1)
Opel Signum 2003-2008
Opel Vectra Caravan 2002-2008 (C)
Opel Zafira 1999-2005 (A)
Opel Zafira 2005-2011 (B)
Opel Zafira 2011-> (C)
Peugeot 306 Break 1993-2002
Peugeot 307 SW 2001-2008
Peugeot 308 Hatch Back 2013-> (T9)
Peugeot 308 SW 2008-2013 (T7)
Peugeot 308 SW 2013-> (T9)
Depth can be 960mm/ 37,79inch
Peugeot 406 SW 1997-2004
Peugeot 5008 2009-2016 (First generation)
Peugeot 5008 2017-> (Second generation)
Peugeot 508 SW 2011-2018
Peugeot 807 2003->
Peugeot Partner 4d 1997-2008 (I)
Porsche Cayenne 2011-2017 (Type 92A)
Porsche Cayenne 2018-> (Type PO536)
VARNING! Do not fit with the backseat in back position. You have to pull it forward and sacrifise legspace in the backseat to have this Cage in the trunk. And then only in minimum depth anyway.
Renault Espace 2015-> (V 7 - sitsig )
Depth can be extended to 92cm
Renault Grand Scenic 2004-2009 (II 7-sitsig)
Renault Grand Scenic 2009-2016 (III 7-sitsig)
Renault Grand Scenic 2016-> (IV 7-sitsig)
Renault Kangoo II 2007-> (7-sits. Även Mercedes-Benz Cit)
Renault Koleos 2016-> (II)
Renault Laguna Sports Tourer / Grandtour 1995-2001 (I (X56))
Renault Laguna Sports Tourer / Grandtour 2001-2007 (II (X74))
Renault Megane Sport Tourer / Grandtour 1999-2002 (I)
Renault Megane Sport Tourer / Grandtour 2002-2009 (II)
Renault Megane Sport Tourer / Grandtour 2008-2016 (III)
Renault Scenic 1996-2003 (I)
Renault Scenic 2003-2009 (II)
Renault Talisman 2016-
Saab 9-3 Sport Combi 2003-2012 (II)
Saab 9-5 Combi 1998-2010 (First generationYS3E)
Seat Alhambra 1996-2010 (Typ 7M)
Seat Alhambra 2010-> (Typ 7N)
For the cage to fit you need to remove third row seat
Seat Altea XL 2006-2015
Double Cages: You have to fold down the bench seat and carry it in with the short side first and then turn it right inside the car in order to place it in the right place.
Seat Tarraco 2019 och nyare (5-seater)
Depth of crate can be extended to 930mm/ 36,61inch
Seat Tarraco 2019 och nyare (7-seater)
Depth of crate can be extended to 930mm / 36,61inch
Skoda Karoq 2017->
Fits only when shortest depth 810mm/ 31,89 inch
Skoda Kodiaq 2017-> (5-seater)
Skoda Kodiaq 2017-> (7-seater)
Skoda Octavia Kombi 1996-2010 (Mk1 (1U5))
You need atleast 70 mm insulation board under the cage
Skoda Octavia Kombi 2005-2013 (Mk2 (1Z5))
Load Floors ref DAA32001 (Skoda Accessories) or 80mm styrofoam required.
Skoda Octavia Kombi 2013-> (Mk3 (5E))
Warning! This cage is so high that the carceiling may be harmed. Take care while putting the cage in the trunk. The highest trunkfloor needs to be used. Depth of crate can be extended to 970mm/38inch
Skoda Roomster 2006 - 2015 (5J)
Skoda Superb 2008-2015 (II (Typ 3T B6))
Skoda Superb 2015-> (III (Typ 3V B8))
Skoda Yeti 2009-2017 (5L)
The floor has to be build up with polystyrene foam in order to fit in one of the standard crates.
Subaru Forester 2008-2013 (III (SH))
Subaru Forester 2014-2018 (IV (SJ))
Subaru Legacy Wagon 2010-2014 (Generation V (BM-BR))
Subaru Legacy Wagon 2015-> (Generation VI (BN-BS))
Subaru Outback 2015-> (Fifth generation)
Depth of crate can be extended to 900mm/35,78inch
Subaru Tribeca 2006-2014
Toyota Corolla Verso 2004-2009 (Third generation AR10)
Toyota Hiace 2004-> (Fifth generation H200)
Toyota Land Cruiser (comfort oriented) 1998-2007 (J100) (J100)
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2002-2009 (J120) (Third generation J120)
Toyota Previa 2000-2005 (Second generation XR30, XR40)
Toyota Prius V (Europe Prius+) 2012-> (ZVW40/41)
Toyota RAV4 2006-2012 (Third generation XA30)
Toyota RAV4 2013-2018 (Fourth generation XA40)
Toyota Sienna 2011-> (Third generation XL30 (5 seat )
Volkswagen Caddy Life/Maxi 2004-> (Third generation Typ 2K)
Volkswagen Golf Sportvan 2014-> (Mk7 (5G))
Volkswagen Golf Variant 1992-1999 (III)
Volkswagen Golf Variant 1999-2006 (IV (1J5))
Volkswagen Golf Variant 2005-2008 (V)
Volkswagen Golf Variant 2008-2013 (VI)
Depth of crate can be extended to 900mm/ 35,43inch
Volkswagen Passat GTE 2015->
Depth of crate can be extended to 860mm/33,86inch
Volkswagen Passat Sportscombi / Alltrack 2015-> (B8 Typ 3G)
Depth of crate can be extended to 860mm/33,86inch
Volkswagen Passat Variant / Alltrack 1988-1993 (B3 Typ 32B)
Volkswagen Passat Variant / Alltrack 1993-1997 (B4)
Volkswagen Passat Variant / Alltrack 1997-2000 (B5 Typ 3B)
Volkswagen Passat Variant / Alltrack 2001-2005 (B5.5 Typ 3BG)
Volkswagen Passat Variant / Alltrack 2006-2010 (B6 Typ 3C)
Volkswagen Passat Variant / Alltrack 2011-2014 (B7)
Volkswagen Sharan 1996-2000 (Mk1 / Phase 1)
Volkswagen Sharan 2000-2004 (Mk1A / Phase 1.5)
Volkswagen Sharan 2004-2010 (Mk1B / Phase 1.75)
Volkswagen Sharan 2010-> (Mk2 Typ 7N)
Volkswagen T4 & Caravelle 1992-2003 (T4)
Volkswagen T5/T6 Kombi 2004- (T5)
Volkswagen T5/T6 Multivan 2004- (T5)
Volkswagen T5/T6 Shuttle 2004- (T5)
Volkswagen Tiguan 2007-2017 (Mk1)
Volkswagen Tiguan 2016-> (Mk2)
To fit at shortest length, seat needs to be put forward 30mm.Length of crate 810mm/31,8inch
Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2016->
Use a VarioCage Large if poosble. This one is so precis so you risk ruin the seiling on your car. The Roofscrews can not be in place when you put this cage in the car. It has to be placed after from the backseat.
Volkswagen Touareg 2003-2010 (First generation 7L)
Volkswagen Touareg 2010-2018 (Second generation 7P)
Volkswagen Touran 2003-2010 (First generation )
Volkswagen Touran 2010-2015 (1st generation, 2nd facelift)
Volkswagen Touran 2016-> (Second generation)
Volvo 740 Kombi 1985-1989
Volvo 850 Kombi 1992-1997
Volvo 940 Kombi 1991-1998
Volvo V70 1997-2000 (I)
Depth can be used fully if you have very large dogs.
Volvo V70 2000-2007 (II)
Volvo V70 2008-2016 (III)
Volvo V90 2017->
Depth of crate can be extended to 860mm/33,86inch
Volvo V90 Cross Country 2017->
Depth of crate can be extended to 860mm/33,86inch
Volvo XC60 2009-2017 (First generation)
Volvo XC60 2018-> (Second generation)
Volvo XC70 1998-2000 (I)
Volvo XC70 2000-2007 (II)
Volvo XC70 2008-2016 (III)
Depth of crate can be extended to 990mm/39inch
Volvo XC90 5 seater 2003-2016 (First generation)
Volvo XC90 5 seater 2015-> (Second generation)
May be expanded to 100 cm/ 39,37inch
Volvo XC90 7 seater 2015-> (Second generation)